Career Coaching

Career-focused coaching is a powerful developmental approach to improving individual and organizational performance and effectiveness. Coaching helps managers and executives to perform better within their current jobs, gain meaningful insight into their values and aspirations, and enhance their capabilities for future assignments. For many leaders the coaching experience serves as a gateway to positive change in both their professional and personal lives.

At Monarch Janus several customized coaching programs are available to assist managers and executives who want to raise their personal performance level, as well as the performance of those they lead. Each coaching engagement is unique and is designed to meet the client's specific needs.

Talent management consulting services are also available. We strive to ensure that these services align with existing talent management practices and other organizational effectiveness efforts.

Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

Group Coaching

Personality, Career, and Leadership Assessments

Available Assessments Include:
Hogan Assessments - provide a comprehensive view of behaviors, values and motivators that can either support or inhibit leadership effectiveness and job fit.
Myers-Briggs Inventory - identifies personality based preferences and relevant implications for personal, career, and leadership development.
Strong Interest Inventory -uses an individual's interests and preferences to identify factors important for consideration in making career choices
Team Diagnostic Assessment - takes a comprehensive look at how well a team performs competencies that directly impact engagement and productivity.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services, often used in conjunction with our coaching services, are aimed at building leadership capacity within organizations and include the following areas: