Approach - Client Centered Coaching

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is a relationship based learning process that takes place within a work-related context. It provides a structured approach to identifying strengths and development opportunities, and uses personalized plans focused on achieving personal, leadership and business goals.

Executive Coaching

Coaching was once reserved for top executives but today coaching is viewed as a standard part of many development programs affording many more people access to this transformational personal and professional developmental experience.

There are three commonly used coaching formats: individual coaching, team coaching or group coaching. Whichever form coaching takes, it can be one of the most powerful develop opportunities people can receive. When done effectively, the coaching process results in sustainable positive changes in how work is done and how relationships are built and maintained.

What makes coaching so powerful?

The basic tenets of coaching are reflected in the client-coach relationship. Coaching creates an empowering relationship for change. Clients are empowered by the process and coaches become their personal change agent. Clients are viewed as capable, creative, and resourceful individuals who know what they want to work on and achieve during the coaching process. The coaching relationship promotes:

Why does coaching work - what makes it effective?

Simply put, coaching works because it creates positive change through personal empowerment. Coaching helps people to become self-aware, perform better, have more productive relationships, and meet or exceed goals they have set out to reach.

At its most fundamental level coaching is a conversation designed to create positive change. These conversations happen within a framework based on adult learning models and gets results through a focused systematic approach. Coaching creates a platform for continuous learning and growth through discovery and action taking.


Coaching Involves:Coaching Leads To:
Gaining Clarity about the Current SituationLearning for Perspective
Identifying Key Success FactorsLearning for Knowledge
Taking Informed ActionLearning from Performance
Moving Through A Continuous Process 

Executive Coaching